Established in 1981, SIERRA BIOMEDICAL has long recognized and lived by our vision of caring for the equipment needed in medical clinics so you can be assured of clear, consistent and accurate results, with an emphasis on patient safety.

The autoclaves, colposcopes, microscopes, centrifuges, and other support equipment so necessary for the medical clinic to operate effectively and safely are under SIERRA’s conscientious care: we install, inspect, calibrate, modify, and maintain to ensure operational adherence to current standards including FDA’s Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment.

Reliable equipment, reliable results, reliable service – our trademark of excellence.

For 35 years, we have supported our customers’ need to rely on their biomedical equipment, and that’s why we’ve created a flexible range of services that will suit every practice and laboratory structure. No matter what service you use, what’s important for us is to provide reliability to every one of our clients – offering transparent pricing, fast and effective service, free loaners, and an unmatched warranty – all to keep your practice running without interruption. We have built our business and earned our customers’ loyalty through this promise.

What you can expect from Sierra BioMedical:

  1. We provide only the best equipment that is appropriate for your type and size of practice, and has a proven record of reliability.
  2. Our goal is to eliminate unexpected, disruptive and expensive equipment failure. Therefore on a regular basis, usually twice annually, we perform a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance service.
  3. This service includes an exhaustive report on the operational health of your equipment. It details our work on every item of equipment including every check, verification, test, and adjustment performed, and any parts needed and installed.
  4. In the event of a failure, you will receive priority treatment – within 24 hours we will be on site to address the problem and if needed a loaner machine will be provided. Diagnosing and repairing the equipment in our shop allows us the facility of more thorough work without disrupting your lab.
  5. Not only does your practice, and your patients deserve the best: the government demands it. Each machine serviced by us is certified to meet industry operational standards.In addition, every item of equipment with electrical power should be certified at least annually, to meet ELECTRICAL SAFETY STANDARDS. Sierra can perform and certify this equipment for your practice.

SIERRA provides three Service Plan levels that allow you to select the approach that best suits your needs. Click below to see details of our service plans!

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The Sierra Team

David Admiraal

General Manager


Frank Waterman

Senior Service Technician

Sharon Waterman

Scheduling Coordinator


Angela Admiraal

Sales & Marketing


Luis Goicochea

Service Technician


We aim for 100% up-time for the equipment we provide and service