Aside from demonstrating to support staff that every element is critical in maintaining high standards, all equipment needs regular servicing to keep it running at optimum, but this couldn’t be more important for vital diagnostic equipment like autoclaves, colposcopes, microscopes and centrifuges.  Down-time in these critical machines will hold up processes, deliver incorrect test results and, worst case scenario, expose practices to liability threats.


To ensure that your commitment to staff and patients remains best in practice, and minimise the likelihood of unplanned and costly downtime, Sierra will work with your practice manager to schedule appointments every six months to perform diagnostic tests, recalibrate and service equipment.

As part of our commitment to you, as your equipment begins to show signs of tiring and becomes more trouble-prone, we will work with you to assess the best long-term approach in order to make an informed decision on when to replace it.

We believe in transparency – in our practices, operations and pricing. Our preventative maintenance is carried out at agreed upon pricing. Manufacturers’ warranties on parts and labor are passed on to you, and we guarantee our own work to ensure that you know the projected cost of operating your equipment from the outset, so there are no costly surprises.

We tailor contracts to meet your specific needs, ranging from providing a fully comprehensive plan to cover all your maintenance and replacement costs, to simple periodic service.

Step 1 – Equipment Inspection and Documentation

Your service starts with an inspection by one of our service technicians to look at all your equipment and document the technical details. We then provide a detailed report on how we can service your practice, and provide pricing for the work required.

Step 2 – Sierra’s Preventative Maintenance Protocol

On-site, our skilled technicians work through the list of equipment to service following a strict checklist of instructions, items of work, and verification procedures, so that we can ensure, as well as humanly possible, that each piece of equipment has been adjusted in conformity to industry operating standards. The autoclave is especially subjected to thorough analysis, and sensitive parts such as filters and gaskets are replaced.

A service report is completed for every item of equipment, and a copy provided to the practice manager for your records.

The Preventative Maintenance becomes a key strategy in the combined efforts of your clinic and SIERRA to provide reliability of service at controllable costs to the practice. Maintenance pays: it helps provide consistent essential services to your doctors and their patients, costly and disruptive emergency breakdowns are minimized, and the usable life of the equipment is extended. An investment well worth the cost.

Step 3 – Warranty

We stand behind our work. All parts and labor are warrantied for 3 months.

In addition, our premium service plans offer your practice the option of:

a. TOTAL RELIABILITY: 100% reliability, 100% guaranteed by SIERRA for all labor, travel, loaners, parts, AND any equipment replacement costs.


b. SIERRA ASSURANCE: All our work guaranteed:  AND, in the event of a failure for any reason, ALL COSTS (except for parts) are provided without charge by SIERRA.

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Sierra Biomedical care is a great Biomedical Repair company and they provide the best services out there. They perform timely maintenance on all our equipment and they have great staff who are very supportive anytime you call.

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We aim for 100% up-time for the equipment we provide and service