Autoclave Care

Prolong the lifetime of your sterilizer with this simple guide to care for your unit:

Daily Maintenance:

  • When loading the autoclave make sure that instruments are free of debris.
  • Do not overload your sterilizer trays. Overloading will cause inadequate sterilization and drying. 

Weekly Maintenance:

  • The water should be changed every 10 cycles. Make sure to use distilled water.
  • Clean trays and rack with a gentle sponge or cloth and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. DO NOT use any abrasive harsh cleaners or cleaning tools such as steel wool and/or bleach.

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Inspect your machine. Is it leaking? Is the plug or cord worn or creating any electrical hazard? Is the door gasket firmly sealing the door when it is closed?
  • Run a cleaning cycle every 20 cycles using recommended cleaner.

Semiannual Preventative Maintenance:

Scheduled a suitable date and time for our technician to visit your facility. He will thoroughly inspect and clean your machine, replace filters, door gasket, and calibrate your unit.

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