Electrical Safety Checks


What is an Electrical Safety Test?


An Electrical Safety test is a check to make sure the electrical components of the equipment are secure, grounded correctly and  in proper working order. As equipment is used and as time goes by there is an ever present risk of the electrical system shorting or otherwise mis-performing. This test is done with the appropriate electrical safety testing equipment to monitor the flow of electrical current. The test is performed to assess the function of the unit hence different tests are performed on units with different functions.

What Equipment Needs to be Tested?

Any Electrical Equipment that is used on or near a patient or staff. Some of the equipment that is typically checked is:

What Makes Electrical Safety Testing Essential?


Electrical Safety Testing Regulations are in place as a way to ensure your safety and the safety of your patients. Without this assurance you put your practice and patients at risk.

All Medical Providers are responsible to ensure that their equipment conforms to safety regulations.

Don’t let your practice be at risk! Contact us today to schedule your Electrical Safety Test on all your equipment and receive your Electrical Safety Certificate!


Note: Electrical Safety test is part of our Preventative Maintenance hence you may already have your equipment covered. 

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