Why Chose Sierra Preventative Maintenance?

Our Preventative maintenance Plan is designed to provide Highest Equipment Reliability!

This Plan is fully customize-able to your needs.

Full Warranty coverage

Chose our semi-annual PM contract to secure an on-going warranty on all our work .  This means if your unit breaks down we take responsibility, free of any additional labor charge.  This warranty comes with emergency service coverage.

Comprehensive PM Service

We make sure that no detail is overlooked! Our technicians follow a check list of procedures for each piece of equipment, to ensure each critical element is addressed. This includes:

  • Thorough equipment safety inspection

  • Calibration

  • Cleaning

  • Replacement of wear and tear parts for certain equipment

  • Testing

35 Years technical experience

 Our technicians advice is there to help you avoid unforeseen details that could cause future problems.

Loaner Availability

If your unit breaks, we’ve got you covered! We bring in our loaner unit to keep you going with out interruption.  Ask us what units we provide loaners for.

Equipment we provide the PM service for includes but is not limited to the following:





Vital Signs Monitor

Exam Chair/ Table

EKG Machine

Scale Calibration

Exam/ Surgical lights

Refrigerators, Incubators

Surgical Units

ENT Cabintets

Sierra Biomedical care is a great Biomedical Repair company and they provide the best services out there. They perform timely maintenance on all our equipment and they have great staff who are very supportive anytime you call.

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