Preventative Maintenance

Implement a scheduled downtime maintenance system that reduces your need for emergency repairs. Why wait for emergency repairs?

Emergency Repairs

They happen, but we’re ready to help you. Give us a call today to have a technician on-site within 24 hours.

Electrical Safety Checks

Patient safety, health and wellbeing is priority number one in any clinic. Keep up to date with Annual Electrical safety checks.

Complete Autoclave Solutions


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” He’s still right, even today. That’s why Sierra offers a complete preventative maintenance program covered with a full 6 month warranty to keep you running at all times. You won’t need to worry at all, knowing that your most essential equipment will be functioning 24/7. Confidence Returned, Guaranteed!



We understand that when equipment goes down, it can take what seems like forever to get ahold of a service tech who is able to get to your problem right away. At Sierra, we’ve set out to change how the service industry is viewed! Even better than waiting for something to happen is to keep it from happening in the first place, and that’s why we offer a full Semi-Annual or Annual Preventative Maintenance service so that you never experience frustration again.

Oh, and did we mention that in the unfortunate event something does happen, we offer an inclusive 6 Month Warranty* covering all labor for anything that could happen to your unit after we’ve made a visit!

*Full Sierra Warranty only included for those participating in a Sierra Preventative Maintenance Agreement

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Affordable Plan Options to Help Keep You Running


With multiple service options, both annually or every 6 months, you’re sure to find the level of service you are looking for with us. If you’re looking to cover multiple pieces of equipment under one contract, be sure to ask us about our Multi-Equipment discount. Now, not only will it be easier for you to only have to call one service provider, you’ll be getting more effective service, at a combined lower cost!

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