The Importance of Electrical Safety Checks

Why Are Electrical Safety Checks Important In Medical Offices?

Electricity is fundamental to run any kind of office, including healthcare settings such as a clinic, dental or a medical office. However, the electric current and voltage available to power a medical office has the potential to be a safety hazard. The electric power can cause a number of accidents or incidents including electrocution. Electrocution is extremely dangerous, and can cause death if correct safety measures are not taken. Having simple safety checks in place to make sure all electricity hazards are taken care of, can completely eliminate the risk of such accidents and give you the peace of running your medical office safely. In this article, we will help explain why it is important to have regular electric safety checks in medical offices.

To Avoid Insurance Liabilities

One accident resulting in a lawsuit can ruin your entire business. Getting charged with insurance liabilities and being forced to enter into settlement meetings with insurance companies’ representatives can be not only a nightmare, but will put tremendous financial strain on your practice. If a patient is badly injured by faulty equipment, the reputation of your clinic will also suffer greatly, reducing the number of future customers.

Regular Safety Checks for All Your Electric Equipment

You must make sure that you have regular electric safety checks scheduled at your clinic and every piece of powered equipment that is involved in patient care must be inspected annually. In our opinion, having a standardized safety checklist in place would make things uniformed and easier for you. An Electric safety inspection should be scheduled every year and must be done by a professionally trained technician. After every safety inspection, you also need to get a Report of certification for your office, to have an evidence of the safety check. This will also serve as a good reminder about when the next electrical safety check is due. Sierra will always include a full job checklist along with an emailed PDF report that you can keep on file for any potential audits, or for your insurance requirement purposes.

What Equipment Needs To Checked?

Any medical equipment that is powered by electricity and comes in direct contact with a patient must be tested annually – As Per NFPA 99 Safety in Healthcare Guidelines.


Having smoothly functioning electric equipment is required in order to provide a pleasant experience to your patients. In the digital world that we live in, a single bad review given by your patients is enough to jeopardize your entire practice.

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